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February 28, 2019
By Nightmare_Beauty GOLD, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Nightmare_Beauty GOLD, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
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Every experience is individual. Nobody can experience the same exact thing as you in that same exact way.

He looks down and smiles.
It reaches from ear to ear.

He whispers,” ILoveYou”.
His lips plump and oh so soft.
He glances up as he gives them a quick lick,
Looks down and smiles.
He giggles at jokes and laughs when I touch his sides,
I stare at him; though before I can say a word,

He whispers,” ILoveYou”.
I smile and reply,
He looks down and smiles.
I’d snuggle up to him and hide,
He’d uncover my face with a grin,

He whispers,” ILoveYou”.
We walk down the pavement in small steps.
I tell him to get home safe as he moves towards the buses
He looks down and smiles.

He whispers,” ILoveYou”.

The author's comments:

Him.  Oh he is my light, my love, my heart's keeper.  I wrote this poem about his lovely little quirkiness, he creates a safe place for me.  

P.S. I love you is spelled with no spaces because of a quote I once read. 


Him-"Is your spacebar broken?"

Her-"No, I just have no space to love anyone else."

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