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Her heartbeat was hard to handle.

February 12, 2019
By ZyPanda SILVER, Somerset, Kentucky
ZyPanda SILVER, Somerset, Kentucky
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What a breathtaking explosion of light it will be when the stars all fall in love with each other.

I was overwhelmed with the infant in my eyes, 

as she slept so soundly I was suprised.

The size took my back to when I was younger,

holding babydolls in my arms,

but they were bigger to me.

Ten times her size actually!

I wondered how it would feel with a baby in the house,

I just seemed to hate it,

I shut everyone out.

I wanted her to take the words from her mouth and twisted them back up with little doubt.

Then i could feel it,

her tiny heartbeat underneath that newborn shirt.

I knew then I was such a fool for being such a jerk.

She reached out and wrapped her tiny little hand around my finger,

then a tear slipped down my cheek,

oh my, oh my, how she made my heart beat.

Then her eyes seemed to open, with so much struggle.

Tiny green begin to ping.

She was so delicate,

but yet so strong.

Then he put her in my arms,

she wasn't heavy at all.

My oh My i was ready to fall,

not off a bridge.

nor a train,

but in love with this toothless little thing.

And with her lip puckered up, and her whine start to scream I kept in mind that I loved the thing.

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I was scared my baby sister coming into this world would change everything, but I'm happy she did because she's my best friend and i wouldnt have it any other way.

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