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Realize It

April 15, 2009
By Not_year_but_Forever SILVER, Belleville, Illinois
Not_year_but_Forever SILVER, Belleville, Illinois
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How can you heal a brokenheart? I still wonder why, my heart is past broken but still I won't die. Is it strive or determination to not let that guy see me fall? Or it is the feeling and wishing of him coming back to me once he sees that i'm strong. Thoughts of deep depression might bother us all but your mind and body controls it all. Praying night after night with good intentions to relive the past. You know that they are worth every single thing so you work harder to make it last. But why cry at night when you don't know if they care? Why scream in your pillow cause you've actually come to face him love it's self your greatest fear.

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