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What is Love?

April 15, 2009
By AlexaBeth SILVER, Stewartstown, Pennsylvania
AlexaBeth SILVER, Stewartstown, Pennsylvania
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The love I once felt for you has soon to be gone. A taste of jealousy sits at the tip of my tongue watching the new couple so in love. What is love really? I'm left confused. Feelings I was once so sure of left me aching as she painted herself into the picture she calls your life. Betrayed I feel by the two so "trustworthy". The one I thought was everything I needed, now gone. Do I dare sulk in the unwanted situation? Do I set aside my dreams for something that truly can not be? Why do I sell myself short for something as false as this...I begin to move on. Everything I imagined is in my reach now. How foolish of me to nearly throw it all away for one who can not treat it like I need. As the other waits patiently and willing to give me all of my wants and dreams. What is one to do when she has it all, perfectly right in front of her, but can not acquire the feelings to hold on? Like some stupid love song on replay in my mind as you wait for me your love grows on in time. And as for mine, I'm stuck at the question of what is love?

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-Alexa Beth

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