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My Lover's Gone

April 13, 2009
By sErEnity BRONZE, Williamsville, Other
sErEnity BRONZE, Williamsville, Other
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Just like the sky fades to black
As the sun conceals itself,
All our joyous delights,
Sooner or later come to an end.
Then we are forced to resume our normal acts,
And we have to live a life of pretence.

You, my delight, have sadly departed from me,
Now I've forgotten what it means to be happy.
Never again will a smile appear on my face,
Because I will no longer
Feel the warmth of your embrace.

I now walk along the beach,
Comforting myself by reminiscing on those memories.
I force myself to paint on a smile, so bleak,
While I try to hold back the tears,
But they escape and join the waves that crash around me.

The mere thought of you steals my breath away,
As I hope that you'd return to me someday.
And in my mind,
I try to preserve our shared moments,
But then again, I'm only human,
And as time goes by, we tend to forget.

So as the memories fade with the vanilla skies,
I try to tell myself that things will be alright.
I guess it wasn't meant to be,
Just like flames to dust,
I guess nothing was meant to last for eternity.

So now I accept that you are gone from me,
But there's one place that you'll always be;
In my heart you will always remain,
And through time and space I'd love you the same.

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