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Cosmic Bargain

December 26, 2018
By ashthenerd1 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
ashthenerd1 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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Just as a comet streaks across dark skies-

My love, she brings to me both joy and light.

There she was, always, just beneath my eyes

Now mine, for her, all battles I would fight.

Perhaps a bargain with the stars she made,

For the light she evid'ntly does possess.

To her, I swear no lie can be relayed

With that, pure love I truthfully profess.

Her eyes, they burn, they flash, just like the stars

From which she surely must have been conceived.

Her hair, spun golden, like this  bond of ours

In nothing else like this I have believed.

How delicate her touch, upon me lands

Soft as the snow, and light as gentle air.

Fingers run down my face, my neck, my hands,

Shivers evoked by every touch and stare.

The careful marks she leaves upon my skin

Now in the mirror clearly I can see,

Each one a flame and fully etched within

A spark, a moment, perfect memory.

A feeling once timid but now so sure

Resembles that of countless eons past.

Each other's loneliness it surely cures

Growing so largely, and growing so fast.

A fragile hourglass holds the sands of time

I wish it shattered and bent on the floor.

Clocks, rendered silent, never more to chime,

Would bring exub'rance to my very core.

Be static, ever waxing-waning moon

Stay still, so ebbing tides may fully rest.

The night is so long but day is so soon-

More time with my love I humbly request.

What cosmic bargain, heaven made and bound-

Could have brought such a perfect love to me?

From darkness, a new, shining light is found,

Illuminating our infinity.

To just my angel these words can apply

From her I hope to never hear goodbye.

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