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Big red door

April 22, 2009
By BoomBaby GOLD, Indianapolice, Indiana
BoomBaby GOLD, Indianapolice, Indiana
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In that big red door
The different shapes of glass make rainbows dance across my face
Ah, those were the days
Popsicles, playing in the rain, and running barefoot across the lawn on the soft, lush grass
I miss them all so much
But the thing I miss the most is that big red door
Grandma painted it one summer
She said we would be able to see home a mile away
We all laughed and joked about how much papaw didn’t want it

The years passed and every one grew to love the red door
The house changed added rooms, new windows
But still not changed that big red door
It stood strong, un touched
There was a meaning for this color,
I didn’t know it until now
It means home
“Home” it screams
It holds all of my child hood memories within its painted wood grandma has gone
She is truly home
To her mansion in the sky
There she sits in her rocking chair
Looking through her big red door

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