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April 19, 2009
By darkangel1326 GOLD, Paramount, California
darkangel1326 GOLD, Paramount, California
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I’m the smartest person you know
But I’m not a valedictorian
I’m the best listener you’ve met
But I’m not a psychiatrist
I can relate to you like no one else
But I’m not in your family
I know who you are inside
But I’m not you
I’m the light in your world
But I’m not a light
I’m the savior you need
But I don’t save people
I’m the person you most confide in
But I’m not your best friend
I’m the person you really love
But we’re not together
I’m the ideal person to you
But I’m not perfect
I’m your soul mate
But I can’t find my soul
I’m your life, the reason you exist
But I don’t really know you
I’m nothing but a stranger
But I’ll always be with you

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