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November 25, 2018
By nstal01 GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
nstal01 GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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I know you are insecure, 

you don't believe you are beautiful but you are, inside and out,

I would define beautiful as someone or something that grabs attention,

also, remember you are beautiful

no matter what anybody says,

your personality is beautiful,

the shape of your body is beautiful,


that person just told me I'm beautiful but I still have some concerns,

I'm still self-conscious of how I look, I told that person in front of me, 


the person replied, "But that doesn't matter at all, all that matters is do you believe you are beautiful

the girl nodded, she replied, "I am beautiful, inside and out,

I love myself just the way I am,

the person in front of the girl smiled back,

"I believe I have done my job,"

both of the girls smiled at each other and the girl walked away from herself, 

her own reflection

The author's comments:

I feel like this is a message that needs to be sent out. I still am hard on myself by the way I look but I need to remind myself that I am beautiful just the way I am. 

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