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The Last Time

November 25, 2018
By nstal01 GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
nstal01 GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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The last time I saw him was in 9th grade,

we never spoke to one another,

but we sat next to each other,

I the way he acts around people, he was like me,

but those eyes,

you could get lost in them,

those chocolate brown eyes,

I didn't think he noticed me, 

by the time I said goodbye to everyone for the last day, we exchanged looks but did not speak,

now I'm away from you, 

I decided to text him and he replied, 

"It's been a long time." my heart stopped,

did he remember me?

was I actually not invisible to him?

we then texted as long as we could,

we had a lot more in common than I thought,

I wish we talked in real life,

we could have been friends you and me,

but I guess it was not meant to be,

I still think about you this very day,

do you still think of me?

I hope we can meet again soon,

The last time I saw him,

the boy with the chocolate brown eyes. 

The author's comments:

Again another poem about my crush

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