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The Perfect World

April 17, 2009
By ZoeR. GOLD, Redlands, California
ZoeR. GOLD, Redlands, California
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In a perfect world
No one lies.
No one twist words
Into falsehoods
Lies brew distrust
Distrust leads to suspicion
Suspicion spawns lies
And so starts the cycle again.
This Cycle of Lies has no place
In a perfect world

In a perfect world
There is no such thing
As judging poorly
And no one practices
The black art
Of exclusion

In a perfect world
No one underestimates
The power
Words can hold.

In a perfect world
Greed is unheard of
As is poverty
And hunger.

Everyone shares willingly.
No one steals.

In a perfect world
No one dreams of perfection
For it would be already here.

But this is not a perfect world
And the only escape
For the chains
Of this living hell
Of this torturous
Is to dream
Of the perfect world

Perfection doesn't
Exist in this world

How can it,
While we are still human?

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Kate L. said...
on Apr. 27 2009 at 2:15 am
Wow amasing work!! keep writing