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The War of Feathers

October 29, 2018
By mythologynerd SILVER, Meridian, Idaho
mythologynerd SILVER, Meridian, Idaho
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-Abraham Linclon

As one of raven,

and one of dove

An unlikely love formed from above.

As these two tribe were enemies,

As different as night and day,

A prince of black.

A princess of white.

The unlikely pair met,

With a sword and a spear.

They meant each other harm,

Yet love appeared

Because when at each other’s throats,

Mysteries can yield.

For these feathery Romeo and Juliet,

and not unlike this legendary pair,

Sometimes to get what you want,

You have to lose a hair.

Now come and for a ride,

and watch as this story unfolds.

We start on a hill.

A fight is imminent.

In the miss of all the chaos,

Is a serene little hut,

but inside is heinous crime.

A hybrid.

Born of black and of white.

The mother a heavenly figure.

White as snow.

The father is an evil devil

Dark as a bottomless pit.

The baby’s name is Jujou.

His name means hope.

A grand name for a gray bird.

One might not see the reason for such a fuss,

But this new bird.

This Jujou,

Brings destruction.

For he is the first of a new race of beings.

For he is a Pigeon.

A Pigeon combines all the grace and elegance of its divine mother,

but also has the cruelty and intelligence of its hellish ancestor.

For this one child has the power to end the world,

and restart it.

The couple argued.

The baby cried.

The War raged.

And when Jujou stopped crying,

His parents could see,

A desire to put the world right.

They knew he could,

and he would.

In desperation,

They took a trip to the Dodona woods of Fate.

The trees said to leave the baby out in the wilderness for two days,

If he was still there then the world would be safe,

but if he was gone,

The world will be flipped,

Inside out.

So they did as the trees said.

Three days later baby Jujou,

Was nowhere to be found.

Three months later,

On what would be Jujou’s third birthday,

A new species of bird,

Called a KinkaJou, appeared.

At its head was Baby Jujou himself.

The two armies clashed.

For the Doves and Ravens banded together.

The fighting was fierce,

The parents tried to stop their divine son.

At that moment was the decision,

For bright young Jujou,

Struck his sword upon his parents chests,

And rejoiced in the destruction he had caused.

and without their champions,

The Ravens and Doves

One by one,

Fell victim to the wrath of Jujou.

When the carnage was done,

Jujou piled up the lifeless bodies of his foes,

and stood on top that pile and laughed and enjoyed his victory.

And there he stands even now still with his maniacal smile and hysterical laugh.

And that is how the world was split in two.

The author's comments:

My name is Caleb. I love reading and righting. This poem was inspired by Shakespere's Romeo and Juliet and by a book I recently read. The book was called Wings Of Fire: Darkstalker. You can see hints to each story in the writing.

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