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A part of my life, or about the Palace of Culture of Chemists

October 20, 2018
By aleksandran BRONZE, Dzerzhinsk, Other
aleksandran BRONZE, Dzerzhinsk, Other
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Each person has a place where he feels good and comfortable. I have it too. Earlier, I would never allow myself to assume that my life would so tightly connect with this place, which is not surprising for an ordinary viewer. I could not have thought that I would be lucky enough to become part of the Palace of Culture of the Chemists of the city of Dzerzhinsk.
I remember when I graduated from elementary school, fate brought me to where stone columns, huge staircases and uncounted number of unexplored premises seemed so alien and even frightening to me that at first I felt nothing but fear. At that time, interest in the unknown and the new prevailed in me the most. I remember very well that day when my sister and I were unanimous in repeating our desire to engage in the People’s Circus, and I, in turn, even wrote in the notebook the same phrase “I want to go to the circus” and handed the notebook to Mom, whose decision It was significant for me, decisive.
Over time, I regularly doing in the Palace, I realized that it became for me not just a white-stone building, but a place that fills me with inspiration and interest, inspiring calm and faith. Now I feel that the DKH is a private place for me. No matter how many students he has graduated and formed, this building keeps a story known only to me.
The Palace of Culture introduced me to interesting people. Anna Evgenievna Katsan is a choreographer who almost turned my perception over. I am afraid that there are not enough words to describe the full significance of the experience that I received, although in the shortest, but full of the most different experiments, the period. A teacher who sets an example with all his face, and at every lesson he loads the inner energy of his students — these are the people I bravely consider Anna Evgenievna to be. I remember with trepidation the moments I spent on the stage, when the cold of the huge hall and the scenes simply dissolved in the warmth of a man who so devotedly devoted himself to the art of choreography. Understanding is the main and most outstanding quality of a favorite choreographer. At one moment, our team lost the opportunity to further study with this choreographer due to the conflict that occurred at the most unexpected moment. Soon I had to be separated from Anna Evgenievna, so I rarely managed to see her. But what was my joy when I just saw her look!
Al Kvotion wrote: "Under the dome of the circus, people turn into the sea." Yes, the bluish and white light of the spotlights, black and white canvases and spectators flashing before your eyes - everything evicts any worries, everything is reachable at such moments, when the music is sounded through the hall, reaching the upper balconies, to the extreme spectators, to the dressing room, to the depths of the soul ... The scene of the Palace is the place of my most frequent performances, where, it seems, in the lined wooden boards, in the silky backstage, in the apparatus are concentrated sorrows and joys, feelings of despair and enthusiasm, annoyance during falls and just resentment. There are people with whom I saw here for the first time, with whom we performed together, gave anniversary concerts and simply overcame ourselves, flying through the air, smiling at an empty hall, believing in the result. This Palace gave me the opportunity to devote myself to art.
As a student of Circus Miniatures, I learned and continue to study on my own. I see how the Palace of Culture of Chemists is developing in front of our eyes, the concerts are exciting, and the stage is getting brighter and brighter. Our city Dzerzhinsk continues to change for the better. This Palace will not just remain in my heart, it has become an inseparable part of me, people do not just run past, but penetrate the soul.
I really didn’t realize the upcoming road in the Palace of Culture of Chemists, the first classes were just a hobby for me without prospects. But there were months, and the constant deepening in the study of circus art soon could not become part of me. The excitement with which I sometimes sat in school, immersing myself in inner anticipations and ideas about planned rehearsals, always seemed to charge me, and every morning I got up, I knew that there was something to wake up for.The value that I attached to my studies became the reason for the perception of the Palace as personal. When composing tricks and adjusting combinations, while working on a number, I understood that no one would invest so much energy and joy in the audience, except me. My personal attitude always slipped in my performance, so circus as art has become a kind of self-expression for me. No, I did not always go there with a cheerful mood, but it was precisely this development and movement that seemed to be preserved in the DKH("Dvorets Cultury Himikov" - The Palase of Culrure of Chemists), as a result of which it became for me more than a structure, as if it formed me.

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Данное сочинение было написано мною лишь из побуждения чувств, воспоминаний. Я рада поведать об этом величайшем и таящем свой мир, известный лишь артистам, месте. Все, что я хотела, я изложила в данной статье, и, ручаюсь, никакие слова не подойдут для описания моего восторга и трепета перед Дворцом и по сей день. Я же искренно верю, что вы воспримите мое произведение по-своему, составив свое мнение, быть может, заинтересовавшись.

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