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October 15, 2018
By Bruvton DIAMOND, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Bruvton DIAMOND, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Staring at my phone reading one new message.

I feel so alone, and the message is abridged.

I’m speaking to a human, yet I feel reclusive.

I find the words amusing, but the silence is abusive.

I never expected to get a message from her.

Now this message is causing thoughts to reoccur.

I feel my eyes watering, I’m having trouble breathing.

I try to act calm, but inside I’m seething.

Why does she hate me? I really can’t tell.

This entire rejection is my personal hell.

Her unkind words have made my life a mess.

This level of hate simply adds to my stress.

She used to call me with a gentle tone.

Now I hear harsh screaming coming through the phone.

I don’t know why she still persists.

I grit my teeth and clench my fists.

The thought of me once loving her makes me sick.

I want to rebound, I must do it quick.

But love is pain, and to double the trouble?

It would be a disaster; I’d be caught in the rubble.

I think of all the memories we made together.

I once was broken, but with her I felt better.

Now, without her, I feel broken once more.

I feel like I did way back before.

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A collaboration with Hanniecakes from Commaful.

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