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When it Happens...

March 28, 2009
By darkangel1326 GOLD, Paramount, California
darkangel1326 GOLD, Paramount, California
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When it happens, all things will leave
No more depression, no more depletes
You'll look at me and I'll do the same
Depression will leave as soon as it came
You hand will soothe me, you'll hold me tight
Your warmth alone will bring me light

When it happens, I'll look for your youth
I need you dearly, with all your truth
Your childish self, your happy "hello"
With you, my mind goes good mellow
I'll cherish you fondly, my dear
I don't think we'll ever fear

When it happens, we won't turn back
No matter the irony or brutal attacks
You'll calm me down and make me smile
Our hearts will be connected awhile
You'd never leave me despite what they say
You'll never leave me or fade away

When it happens, it happens, end of story
Don't worry my dear, we will find glory
No more riddles, no more pretend
This wasted life has yet to begin...

The author's comments:
i wrote this one day during my last two classes of the day and everyone i know thinks its the best poem they'd seen me write.

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