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Creator of Man

April 11, 2009
By YoungRevolution GOLD, Madison, Alabama
YoungRevolution GOLD, Madison, Alabama
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"Feel good, good things happen"

What is War and Peace?
When will Pain and Suffering ever cease?
Can a child continue with Pain
While others seek Selfish zzgain?
The problems of the world create tears in me.
Concumed by Fears as solution soon to be.
Yet as I wait for the permanent solution,
Love shall be my dilution.
If Beauty is only skin deep, yes, let it remain true,
Then the skin of my man is as deep as the ocean's blue.
Yet Beauty is not the trait I love the most,
The Inner Strength of him, that is what I boast.
The atmosphere full of hate and strife.
Agony, that's the word that fits his life.
Yet is not pain that enhcances the Joys of life?
So be it then, klet me suffer, allow the pain to last.
The greatest thanks to the creator of man,
My love shall foever hold fast

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