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The World Today

April 10, 2009
By Loralie GOLD, Bowmanville, Other
Loralie GOLD, Bowmanville, Other
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The World Today

I must live in a world where no one agree's,
because every night I come home, there's another killing on tv.
People shooting eachother, stabblings on bloor,
people breaking into all their local convience stores.

I live in a world where kid's are influenced,
to bring a knife to school and kill their bestfriend.
Where a mother will kill her own child,
because she got divorced and it's not her new boyfriend's style.

I live in a world, where young girls are having sex,
when there not even allowed to wear make-up yet.
Where the boys are selling drugs instead of getting a job,
dealing pounds instead of grams and getting caught by the cops.

I live in a world, that I can't trust is safe,
where you can't walk down the street without caring mace.
Where the guy sitting next to you has a past of accused rape,
and another thousand people get added to our yearly suicide rate.

I live in a world scared one day to another,
wondering will it get worse or can it only get better?

The author's comments:
It's just how I feel about the world today.

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