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August 25, 2018
By passionatepoet02 BRONZE, Shawnee, Oklahoma
passionatepoet02 BRONZE, Shawnee, Oklahoma
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If you shoot for the stars and miss, you'll land upon the moon💫🌚

Holding on a to a bitter compassion

Our love reminds of a story that's quite old fashion

Living on the edge of falling deeper into your deep brown eyes

Tripping into your kiss as I float on the clouds in the bluest of skies

Feeling your warm body push against mine

Feeling forbidden flow through my veins knowing it's the sign

Understanding I should run away

But you run your fingers down my arms and you feel like home where I want to stay

Pulled apart by outside forces and torn in two by our environment

Waiting to bite into your rotten fruit as if it were a ripe moment

Falling to the hands of your beautiful poison and toxic tricks

Trying to bury my feelings under the heaviest of bricks

But once I again you lure me in with "I love you"

And my cheeks turn a rosey hue

I fall into a hole 6 feet deep

To enter a eternal sleep

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