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A Chain of Nations

April 9, 2009
By _TruStr_ PLATINUM, Muskegon, Michigan
_TruStr_ PLATINUM, Muskegon, Michigan
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It's better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you're stupid than to open it and remove all doubt- Mark twain

[Young boy without a father says]:
Miracles can happen so I learn and...
[Single mother continues]:
If looks could kill
the soul would flatten.
An angry child cries,
his feet are stomping.
[Jazz Lover intervenes]:
'Cool' crowds have shakes,
their hands slappin'.
People sway
and their hands are clappin'.
[Recovering alchoholic cuts in]:
The rapping on the door...
it gives me a headache.
Stop the pounding
for both of our sakes.
Sure miracles can happen
Not something you make.
Give it all,
that's all you can take.
Be brave and sacrifice
Look at what's at stake.
[A loney widow murmurs]:
The blossoms are blooming.
The sun is starting to rise.
[D.U.I vitim]:
Lights seep through my curtains
Not even the florescents above show me that much.
[low-paid waitress mutters]:
As once lively tunes dim
I squint out the window;
Outside is not to bleak.
[graduate returning home speaks]:
I walk through the door
a frown upon my face.
I set the keys down
and step into an embrace of love.
I thought it was long gone.
[All of them claims happily]:
Boy, did you know the warm sun,
A new day and new beginnings
can bring reguvination and
innovation so strong?
[Young boy without a father replies]:
Miracles can happen so I learn
and I learn to discover a miracle
under every slippery stone.

The author's comments:
Something I learned through my life is this: sometimes a new day can give you all you need and have been waiting for.

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