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Coming Home

April 8, 2009
By VanessaT. SILVER, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
VanessaT. SILVER, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
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“Daddy when you comin’ home?”

“I’m sorry dear, but I really don’t know.
Your guess is as good as mine,
but when I get back
I promise we’ll make some time.”

“ Okay daddy, but remember be safe
And your always in my heart”
“Dido honey, You were from the start.”
“Well pack your things it’s time for you to go…”

She got up upon her Tippy-toes…
He leaned down and gave her a kiss on her nose.

He got on the plane later that day…
Wishing in his heart, they’d let him just stay.
He was gone often… And he’d never forget
Every time he saw her upset.

He wanted to be there, for everyone in fact…
It was hard, when he never got his life in tact.
He tries now… and Every now-and-then he sheds a tear
“ You know you mean the world to me my dear”

Poor baby sits up at night,
Trying her hardest to endure the inner fight.
More days he’s been gone, than by her side,
She hated it, but would abide.

She’d simply look forward to the next day
He’d be with her, and everything would be okay.
On the other hand her mother grew restless…
She was afraid of all the time her daughter had to miss.

“ Daddy your home! Your mine once more…”
Until that was, the next time he’d walk out the door.
“ Baby I picked you up this little treat”
He did his best to make ends meet.

He wrapped his arms around his little girl…
“ Baby I’m so sorry, I know these times have been a whirl,
But now I’m home, and home for good.
I’ll be here just like every daddy should.”

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