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July 19, 2018
By reaganp BRONZE, West Nyack, New York
reaganp BRONZE, West Nyack, New York
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I was made from my grandmother’s

Irish soda bread recipe

The smell of an old library and

A soft quilt.

The orange pink clouds of sunset

And the feeling of running through the sprinkler

on a hot summer day

The sound of crickets chirping

When you’re about to fall asleep

When I was young I pretended to be a fairy

I tried to jump off my bed to feel like

I could fly for just one second and

When I woke up in the morning I would check

My back to see if wings were sprouting out of it

I wanted to become the pages of a book

So I took markers and drew pictures

On my arms and bedroom wall

Today I no longer want to be a book or

an imaginary creature

So I write down my ideas and try

to dream them alive through paper and pen

I run my finger through my dog’s fur

And think about how lucky he is to not have to

Worry about school and friends and driving

In ten years, I want to become a song

I want to become a melody that gets stuck in your head

And you listen to when you have a bad day

The type of song where you can close your eyes

Sway to the beat and forget yourself

I want to become the strings inside a piano

And the beat of a drum

To comfort others and

Empower them

When they need it the most.

The author's comments:

This piece came from a prompt called "the timeline prompt" where the first stanza describes what it was like when you were  born, the second stanza describes your childhood, the third describes the present, and the fourth is aout your future. 

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