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Baseball's Demise

January 8, 2011
By Brett Shaver BRONZE, Clevveland, Ohio
Brett Shaver BRONZE, Clevveland, Ohio
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Baseball’s Demise? In the past 10 years, kids all around the United States have been putting down the baseball glove, and have picked up a football or basketball. Why? Is it because basketball or football players make more money? Yes, a ranking of top paid athletes conducted by sports illustrated has only two baseball players in top 10, while basketball has 4 Also on average of the 50 top paid athletes basketball players avergae about 7 million in endorsements while baseball players only average about 2 million. Is it because other stars are more famous? Of course, LeBron James and Peyton Manning are by far more famous than any other baseball player. And being famous leads to money, which kids covet. Or is it because the game of baseball just flat out not appeal to kids with generally short attention spans? Yes, why would 14 year old kids want to stand in the middle of the field when he can be running up and down a court or be making hard hits? Americas Pastime has become just that, the past. Baseball nowadays just doesn’t attract kids like it used to. In baseball you either are hitting for about 2 minutes or sitting in the dugout of standing in the field. It’s not like this can be fixed. The game cannot be changed to just catch the attention of kids. MLB will just have to fight on, because who knows? Maybe in 30 years there will only be 20 teams. Im not saying that I didn’t enjoy playing the game I loved, because I did. I’m just saying for the sake of baseballs future, I’m worried.

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