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Paying Athletic Superstars

May 31, 2022
By Englishisinteresting21 BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
Englishisinteresting21 BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
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Nowadays, money has extreme value and without money, life is unclear and unseen. In short term, life gets hard and difficult. Millions of people every year go homeless or commit suicide because those people have financial stress. On TV those superstars playing on the field get paid millions of millions of dollars while everyday jobs like nurses and teachers only get paid around 50,000 dollars a year. Sadly, athletes in modern times are being paid with heavy contracts that many don’t even live up to, some get injured and don’t play and still get paid. When millions of dollars are paid to one player it causes an increase in inflation in the sports market and the value of talent increases. The results of multiple players being overpaid in the sports market can lead to entire sports franchises collapsing and falling apart. Rising the idea that athletes are being overpaid. 

  The first reason that athletes are being overpaid is that most superstar athletes get paid enormous money contracts but then don’t live up to the amount of money they are being paid. More often than never, It's basically a waste of talent and money to have non-consistent players in athletic leagues. Two players that this has happened to are basketball player Ben Simmions and baseball player Carl Parano. In fact, Ben Simmions played for the Philadelphia Sixers and he did not contribute to the team much. Simmions was making 33 million dollars a year, for 4 seasons in Philly but did not even pass the eastern conference semifinals in the NBA. This inability to play effectively on the team and in the league ended with him being sent to the Brooklyn Nets who have him sidelined for most of their games. Furthermore, pitcher Carl Pavano signed a 4-year, 39.95 million dollar contract with the New York Yankees. In those 4 years, Carl Pavano had only 26 starts and he was still being paid that much money. Also, he was also very injury prone and had spent most of the 4 years recovering from certain types of physical injuries. Sadly, the group that was hurt the most by the expensive pinstripe busts are the fans and the viewers. The fans come out to games to see these millionaire players play on a field and when they don’t perform it's a waste of money and time for them. Athletes in all different sports leagues are being overpaid and they should not be. 

The second reason that athletes are being overpaid is that when a club is paying an immense number of players a lot of money, it causes financial stress for the club or team that has promised high contracts to excellent players. The inability of a club to pay multiple players could cause the club to go bankrupt and this is exactly what happened to a soccer team called Barcelona. The club had spent money on their players vastly and poorly and it has squandered the legacy that the club had built for itself.  According to the article,” The Future Arrives, with the Rich Getting Obscenely Wealthy’’ it states “He could not stay where he wanted to stay, at Barcelona, because the club had walked, headlong, into financial ruin…a  mixture of the incompetence of its executives and the hubris of the institution is largely responsible for that, but not wholly’’(Smith 2). A famous player in Barcelona named Lionel Messi had to leave the club due to the fact that the club could not pay the amount of money that was worth the value of his talent. Disappointingly,  the team had to let go of a generational player who had built a lasting legacy for the team in his years of playing for them. The situation got so substandard that the players that the club wanted to keep, could not since they basically had no money to pay all the players. Those players had to walk off and find new teams. Just a really disappointing event in history just to the extent that many players were overpaid in that club leading to its downfall. 

In conclusion, professional athletes are being overpaid and they should not be. They should be paid according to their market value and the value of how much talent and capacity they have.  It could be argued that athletes work extremely hard and that they should be paid the amount of money that they deserve but so does a regular person, with a job that they barely have paying for the basic needs of life. . Athletes are special people that devote their lives to working out and trying to make themselves a better player but how does that compare to a teacher or nurse who also spends a lot of money and time working for what they do and they even get paid much less. It's basically unfair at that point. This isn’t how society should be treating extremely hard-working people in standard jobs. If this continues to happen and athletes still continue being excessively paid it is possible to see inflation and even probably a billion-dollar contract in a lifetime. It's not just the right thing but it's also the most logical thing to stop players from being overpaid. 

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The piece was made for an argumentative unit in school.  

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