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the art on the wall

December 2, 2008
By josh campbell BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
josh campbell BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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I personally thinThe that graffiti is a form of expressing yourself. Some people may think that graffiti is just writing on the wall or that since its graffiti that it just has to be gang related. If you’re one of the people that walks by a tagged wall in disgust, maybe I can change your mind.

First and foremost, not all graffiti is criminal. A lot of the graffiti that you see around Tulsa, Oklahoma (my hometown) is just as much art as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. As long as I’ve lived in Boise, Idaho, (about a month) it looks like the same thing is going on here. (Details)

I can understand why people don’t understand graffiti, but I feel that if it’s not gang-related or violent that it shouldn’t be ignored or looked down on. For example, gang related or violent graffiti could be seen as anything meant to diss a certain street gang or corporation or group such as the NRA. If it is gang related I would be more than happy to come take it off of your wall, business, house, apartment, etc. for you.

Finally, I think that if a community does not want graffiti in their neighborhood that a solution to the problem is, people that frown on graffiti should raise money for a community/recreation center. If you start a fundraiser so kids can do what they do best, then you better believe they will help, and it will keep the majority of kids out of trouble. It could be a place where kids can express their self via graffiti (or whatever they do).

In conclusion, I think that graffiti is a way to escape the world or your troubles, for the same reason people do other activities like basketball, or things that are worse than graffiti like drugs if anyone doubts that graffiti is fun, I‘d be happy to buy you a can of paint and some cardboard so can try it out yourself.

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