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Making it to the 1%

October 5, 2018
By SILVER, Sacramento, California SILVER, Sacramento, California
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“If you aint got a dream, you ain’t got nothing.” - Meek Mill. My dream is my everything, I’ve been chasing the same exact dream since the age of 6 years old. Living by the same code: If you don’t make it this way, might as well not make it at all. Of course I have a backup plan, but then again my main one is most important. My dream is to make it into the 1% of people that are drafted into the NBA. Everyday I think about my name being called and putting on those fresh NBA caps. “ with the 1 pick of 2021 nba draft…” as the announcers would say. But the journey isn’t as easy as it seems.

To get there, I have to work harder than those pushing for the same dream as me. Now a days dudes is coming from all over joining the league. About 28 % of the players come from overseas. Somebody once told me “every moment your not working, every moment your not in the gym or every moment your asleep, there’s someone working twice as hard waiting for their chance to make it out. I have to take advantage of all opportunities that come my way. Camps, AAU traveling opportunities, etc. there’s so many ways to get there to only take one path so i must have options. Most importantly i gotta focus on school. Education is the most important thing , all sports aside, I’m a student first. When it comes to college they gone have a heavy eye on my academics. 2.0’s and 2.5’s ain’t cutting it this year. As great as I am in the gym i gotta be greater in class. Luckily for me I like school so that shouldn’t be a huge problem for me. My class goal is to meet a 4.0 to go with the killer stats I’m putting up on the court. Scouts see that and think big things, I think scholarships.

Not only do i want to make the league but i want to be one of the greats. My goals: To be a top 5 player for majority of my career and change the game for those coming in after me, i wanna have lots of different accolades. Youngest to score 20,000 career points ever, youngest to reach 5,000 career assist, at least 2 MVP’s in my first 7 seasons, and have lots of rings. It’s a whole lot to do and there are many players who have the same dreams as me that probably won’t ever meet those accolades, but then again dream big or don’t dream at all. One thing that tends to stick with me when thinking of the records and accomplishments I want to have is a famous quote from Kevin Durant… “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”. It’s one thing to have amazing athletic ability, but to build upon that is even greater.

Meeting my dream will be possibly one of the hardest challenges in my life. It will require lots of growth and lots of training. But i ain’t got no choice but to make it there. If I don’t then what would’ve been the point of dreaming it up in the first place. But I’m getting there and that’s fact. It seems hard when you hear the numbers, I mean damn 1 PERCENT!! But I’m willing to overcome adversity and be one of tops canidates to do it.

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this is about my dream on making it into the NBA. for others with the same dream, take it into consideration that a very very very small percent of people actually get there, so you must be highly determined to do so.

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