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Choosing the Right Word

December 1, 2008
By Anonymous

The classroom should be a place where everyone can feel comfortable, no one should feel offended. Using inappropriate language in the classroom could make some people uncomfortable or might make people feel offended. Using this type of foul language can also be a distraction to the working environment or to the people around you. It also shows bad judgment and a low level of character to the people around the person who uses this type of language. Using inappropriate language also shows a low level of intelligence and a low level of sophistication. It also looks bad on the school, the teacher and the parents of this student.

Using bad language could be very offensive to some students. It might go against their religion, or their beliefs. It could also just go against how they were brought up, and what they were taught by their parents. It is not right for a person to offend someone in a classroom. The classroom is a place where everyone must be and it should not be offensive to anyone since they have to be there. Students should feel comfortable in the classroom and not feel like they want to leave because of words other students decide to use.

Bad language in the classroom can also be a distraction and interfere with the learning environment. If a student decides to use such language, the teacher would have to stop class and deal with this student and it would cut into the learning time. Using bad language in front of other students it also might rub of on them and potentially get these other students in trouble for using this inappropriate language. In the classroom a teacher only has fifty minutes of instruction time so he/she does not really have time to stop class to get onto a student; but if a teacher does not get onto a student for using bad language other students might think that it is okay for them to do it, and this could cause a future problem in the classroom.

Students using inappropriate language in the classroom can also reflect negatively onto the school. If a visitor from another school or from the county was visiting and happened to be in a class with someone who uses bad language it could look bad on the school. It would also look bad on the teacher; the visitor may think that the teacher condones this type of language and could possibly get the teacher into trouble. A student that uses such type of bad language also shows that they do not really care for the school and that they do not really care for the school policies and guidelines.

Using this type of bad language also shows bad character. It does not show any couth and looks bad on your parents. A teacher might think that their parents allow this type of foul behavior so the teacher might get a bad look on the parents, when the parents really do not allow this type of behavior. Character is a huge part of a person; it shows who they really are and what they are like. Portraying a bad character is not a good thing to do. Teachers and other students can easily look down upon a student with bad character and no one wants to be looked down upon for using foul language in a classroom. It is an easy to show bad character so the students with a good character must work hard, which looks good to a teacher.

The English language contains many words, so a student who uses bad language just shows a lack of intelligence. There are many words that can convey the same meanings that the inappropriate words mean. Substituting more intelligent words for the low class, inappropriate words shows a high level of intelligence and a high level of couth. The students who do this look good to their teachers and are people that other students can look up to. A student who uses high level words also reflects positively towards their parents.

Someone who uses bad language is not doing themselves any favors. They are just putting themselves down. They are being inconsiderate to others around them, they are showing bad character, showing no level of sophistication, showing a low level of intelligence and making their school, teachers and parents look bad. Using this type of foul language in the classroom should never be tolerated. Students should look at themselves and determine whether they are showing good character and couth and all of those other things, or if they are showing a low class version of themselves. When students learn that they have done wrong and have been inappropriate, they should change and become someone that their teachers and parents would be proud of.

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You argued really good points, but I'm curious as to what you define as 'bad language.' Just the extreme words, used in middle school and high school, or the ones used in elementary school like stupid, idiot, etc. I don't believe that bad language should be used in the classroom either. But what do you want the solution to be for a student who does use that kind of language? I think that a student should get 1 or 2 warnings when the use the language before a punishment is put into effect, because every once in a while, bad words will slip out on accident, like when we drop a pencil case or break something. But I do completely agree with you.