On Virtue & Morality

The glories of a lofty cloud shall increase with the white radiance from the almighty sun passing through its branched parts as if here in Earth, secular tones of moral values will be the enlightenment among human life which travels athwart the real virtue for his morality.Ought need we to distinguish the evil and the godly aspects with a fine revelation. majority of realms in this world I found was with its demolition,many and many of varying components,But they do cycle yet with a new form it need to construct,the old modifies with a newly generated bud.And for knowledge it nah die with its sea construction is vast either, and will come forth with wavy rolls that seek the extended power that to move,slowly do mind clasp the strengthening it itself needed.morality lies amidst branched thoughts,upon a finest place it can seek the calm and serene society,which is wise and cultured.There we finds virtue's sapphire orb that shines like an omnipotent star of some silvery skies,the domain world need to cheer with it,and that broad genius word is a river of different senses that rarely will flow high. Here Morality with its action determines the differentiation of bad and evil with good and god.So brightness is what that leads the dark cloud pure and mightiest than the Gold pots of selfish minds,Think and aspire all we seen and yet to see are illusion,from them nothing lasts beauty is like seconds fate,and all the magic made walls of clustery towers are weak and fades the day other,by time made door,it fleds amid the loss,and the time you live here is to go the virtue,and say virtue is gold and not yet the selfish gold of some fierce hands made,but the hands that made was one who made the fire and water,the nature and the living sense of external treasure,with high spirit of unexpected brain and enchanted magic power,the one shines abroad and the one seeks the love."

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