Religion has always puzzled me. In Christianity there is one god and many of books with many different translations. If there are so many translations and so many different ways to say something then how can you believe in all of it. A Pastor once told me that everything has a beginning. If that is true where did God come from and everything before him. Since I have heard that I sometimes catch myself doubting if there is a heaven or hell or even if there is a God. Everyone no matter of there religion believes their religion is true. What if someone else's religion is TRUE? How are we supposed to figure out what we are supposed to believe in? With all this in question, what is religion anyway?
Christians believe that you can repent from your sins and you will go to heaven, with that said then how are we supposed have a hell. If everyone repented from their sins there is no reason for a hell because everyone is saved in the end. If there is no reason for a hell what is the reason for heaven? Heaven is supposed to be a good place with everything perfect but what if you die and just go into another life as someone else? Could that really happen?

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AcrossTheUniverse said...
Jan. 23, 2013 at 4:49 pm
We all see the same moon at night, and marvel at in different ways. Different people, same moon.
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