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Are you spiritual or religious?

June 18, 2023
By Gauravi18 BRONZE, Pune, Other
Gauravi18 BRONZE, Pune, Other
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Being spiritual and religious both tend to bring peace and find meaning in one's life. They are more often used interchangeably. Spirituality and religion are somewhere related but not exactly the same. Spirituality is like finding purpose of life and inner peace through different practices, like meditation, yoga, spending time in nature and more. Whereas religion is set of beliefs shared by a community of people.

We all have different purposes in life, we learn, we grow, but somehow we are all connected. There is a power greater than us all that connects all the things. We are all a part of something greater than ourselves. Everything we do, we feel, has an impact around us. So being religious and spiritual are just two different contexts to believe this. Being able to control our mind and have the strength to decide what's right for us is what actually rehgion and spirituality describe in common

I believe being both religious and spiritual interchangeably is what strengthens the connection with the power that rules our minds. It is tough to figure out what our minds actually demand. It gets ten times easier when you start to believe there's something more powerful than our minds, and that's when one actually finds peace and actual purpose of their life.

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