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'change' in mind of a 14 year old

June 3, 2023
By JoannaZhang GOLD, Shanghai, Other
JoannaZhang GOLD, Shanghai, Other
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I had always been thinking, what is change?

People are travelers on the ocean, and each person has their own ship. Different experiences pile up into different kinds of winds, inevitably pushing people in different directions on the ocean. Those winds, through the baptism of time, pile up into the past journeys on the ocean for individuals. Some gale tilts the ships, deviates the ships in different directions, or even causes shipwrecks. Different individuals view winds in different perspectives: an old soul who gone through disasters and ultimately stood up independently, would know how to react to a gale and would simply feel calm when they come; but for a young soul who first undergoes a gale and storms, they would feel timid, but soon filled up with self-changes and growth.

At first, young souls would feel terrified. Those strong winds are like invisible hands that push and control them in different directions and hurt them. They would question themselves and find ways to escape the disasters, but they would ultimately realize how those disasters are deadlocks and that they must independently face them by finding the keys to solve those deadlocks. Searching for keys are tiring, and that the wounds may be hurtful and some even long-lasting.

Through the process, young souls change. They obtained the courage to calmly view those disasters by learning how those disasters are inevitable and that some may only be negligible zephyrs in their entire journey; they turned strong by learning different mental ways to react and treat the obstacles; they grew empathetic to view different people and things through a multitude of perspectives; they gained independence by learning how to solve those disasters and move on. Sometimes the young ones couldn’t perceive the disasters and go on in the blink of an eye, but time is medicine, which would ultimately heal the wounds.

Those disasters are scary indeed, but they are the keys that push people, especially teenagers, to change and grow, and what sculptured me in my past journey. Winds, storms, thorns, all those are part of our lives, so, embrace them with a calm heart is the only key to success.

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