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Ambition Without Morality: Why be Ambitious

February 15, 2018
By Rafati BRONZE, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Rafati BRONZE, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
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Ambition is a powerful and moving feeling. Many people around the world have changed the world with their ambition, and have created amazing organizations. For example, Bill Gates created a charitable organization, in which he has donated lots of money towards. Mr. Gates had ambition for changing the world, and also had morality in mind.

I think morality means to have your own principles and to use them depending on your own justification. Ambition without morality becomes evil because people can become too caught up in their own goals and passions, that they do not see the well being of the common people.  Some of the most powerful people in the world have shown that morality was not important for them. This can influence young teens and other figures to follow bad examples. For example, President Trump has said inappropriate comments about women, and when the comments were released people had become afraid of him becoming president, because of the imperfect example he set for on the country. Also, in Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, and Macbeth are both ambitious for taking over the monarchy but do not have the morality to complement their passion. Ambition without morality can turn into an evil action.

My first piece of evidence is from Macbeth, in Macbeth and his wife have an ambition of taking over the king. They did not understand the moral consequences that they would face. Lady Macbeth had continuously urged Macbeth to commit a crime, without a moral reason, “These deeds must not be thought, After these ways; so, it will make us mad.”(Act 2, scene 2) This quote shows how Lady Macbeth, had done the action with no thought, thinking it would be better in the long term. This does not end up to be true. When Lady Macbeth had first urged  Macbeth to kill the king, it had shocked him and changed him at the same time. Macbeth had seen a darker side of his wife and was in a state of shock when he learned her evil intentions. Lady Macbeth had turned Macbeth into an evil person, because after forcing Macbeth to kill Duncan, Macbeth had killed Banquo, and Macduff’s family and servants, which made him crazy and not have the right state of mind. In act 4, scene 1, Macbeth explains his immoral plans for Macduff’s family, “The castle of Macduff I will surprise, Seize upon Fife, give to the’ edge o’ th’ sword, His wife his babies, and all the unfortunate souls that trace him in his line. No boasting like a fool. This deed I’ll do before this purpose cool.” (Act 4, scene 1). Macbeth was still ambitious, about reaching the top of the nobility, but had done it in an evil way. Macbeth had started off the play ambitious but lacked morality in his mind.  He begins to get influenced by other people ambitions later in the story and loses his morality. When this happened he became evil, because of his decision to murder people based on assumptions, and prophecies.


My second piece of evidence comes from the article called ‘Locker Room Talk’  by Danielle Moodie - Mills.  The author explains concerns regarding Trump's degrading language towards women, and the effect it has on our country. Trump was ambitious about becoming president but did not have the morality in his campaign. He made many immoral comments about different groups of people, and inappropriate comments about women. The author writes about how Trump had dismissed the inappropriate comments he had made regarding accusations of promoting sexual assault, “Donald Trump dismissed the seriousness of his language which may have deemed “violent”, promoting sexual assault, and disgusting by calling it ‘locker room talk.’ Trump’s morality was in bad judgment, he was ambitious about becoming president, but failed to morally show he is qualified. His comments have had a negative effect on society. By having the President of the United States act as if sexual misconduct is not important can result in a negative effect on the rest of the country. 

It is surprising to see that the word has not realized that morality should be considered when making decisions. Why has Donald Trump not admitted or accepted that he has done something wrong? Why is it that the same mistakes that Macbeth made, are being made by the President of the United States?

The author's comments:

While reading the play Macbeth, I was inspired to write about the connection between the play and today's society. 

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