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Remember Me?

November 28, 2008
By Anonymous

The people who barely have any friends, their the ones that we all WISH that we could be friends with. Because really, they're the most interesting people of all. And the people who say they dont have a life, we wish we knew the true meaning of what that really meant. Does that mean, they are neglected? Or does it mean, that they are totally fine with not going out on Saturday to go look for a new pair of jeans? Because either way, doesnt that mean that they have the most desired, exotic life in a way? They have a secret life that no one else has. And many people, such as myself, envy that at times.

When these type of people write their memoirs, you WILL buy it. Because their life is going to be at least a hundred times more compeling than the girl in your english class in tenth grade, who was the most popular bitch in school. And as you read their writing, you will feel as if you can connect with the words in a way, but then you will feel empty, because you'll realize that those words didnt apply to you, but yet inspired your desires to be different. But oh wait, your just another wannabe because it takes someone special to be different. And you, oh you, will never be different. Because simply by wishing you could have had such an interesting life such as the author of this memoir you are reading, your not being different, but yet a dreamer.

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