The Solution to Rising Obesity Through Fast Foods

April 27, 2017
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The United States sits on top of the ladder for the highest Gross Domestic Product, yet our country’s health continues to decline. This is due to the increase in the consumption of fast foods.  Fast foods are synonymous with junk foods and is a direct cause of rising obesity rates.  Fast foods are promoted by their low costs and result in rising obesity rates A higher tax on unhealthy consumables will incentivize cooking at home.

The public favors the convenience of fast foods over the health benefits of home cooking. “A contributing factor to this trend is the low costs of the ingredients used to produce these foods.”

Fast food companies use low priced ingredients to maximize profit and production .The availability of edibles attract the attention of lower and middle class citizens. These classes make up a majority of the obese population in the United States. The low priced products would only make up a small percentage of their income. This affordability is makes the constant consumption of fast foods beneficial for the lower and middle class citizens.

The rise of a quick and easy method in the lives of Americans has led to the consumption of fast foods. The overconsumption of fast foods are the results of low prices. “The average weight of a male in the 1960's was one hundred sixty eight pounds. This rise to one hundred eighty pounds today." The sale of fast foods became a cultural norm and food staple. The increase in the sale and consumption of calorie dense edibles lead to high obesity rates. Cooking today is an optional activity that is not necessary to the daily life of many Americans.

Home cooking is not as prominent in the current generation as the older generations.  There is little motivation for people to create their own food leading to the sale of more fast foods daily. “The rate of obesity now compared to the 1960's is twenty times higher.” The rise in the consumption of fast foods since the 1960's has led to the health conditions we see today. Obesity is preventable by simple measures, but a majority of people are not willing to give up their way of life. The way the citizens live their life is to enjoy themselves in the moment.

Americans have little incentive to create their own food. The affordability and location of the foods is a major part of why they consume fast foods. “The current tax on fast foods in a majority of states range from one to seven percent.” The current tax has no effect on the buy of these convenience foods. The consumption of fast foods has become far more than eating to survive. The tax should rise to twenty percent and affect all products that are high in sodium, sugar, and fatty foods. With this change in mind people will have a reason to invest time into making their own food. The rate of obesity will see a decline with a raise in the price of these foods.

A higher tax on the low cost of branded obesity products will create a reason for people to cook their own food. The constant consumption of fast foods has led to the rise in obesity rates.  Obesity is a simple problem with a simple solution. Obesity is a  treatable disease created by man;It is a disease that people have given themselves.

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LordWich said...
May 17 at 3:13 pm
The tax will actually hurt the lower class citizens even more as they may have barely enough budget to even by the fast foods. This also includes the homeless, as fast food is very cheap for whatever cash they can scavenge for.
Stroodle235 said...
May 17 at 1:52 pm
Your idea of placing a tax on these items is a great idea, but I believe this might hurt the food companies economy if it is placed.
Xdragon said...
May 17 at 1:46 pm
Although fast food is bad for us because of obesity and things like that, and I totally agree, I feel like there just isn't a replacement for them. I mean I go to a fast food chain at least once a week if not more. They are like our way of life almost.
StyLish said...
May 17 at 1:44 pm
It is going to be hard for people to change the way they eat. A higher tax on fast food will spark a riot because many people depend on fast food. The only thing that government can do is just tell people to do exercises and only eat when hungry.
1LonelyRose said...
May 17 at 1:33 pm
My family depends on fast food weekly, and honestly, im sick of it.
ThuNguyen replied...
May 17 at 1:51 pm
Well you can't change it but you could look for healthier choices if you can.
RawanAljaouni said...
May 17 at 1:31 pm
Fast food of course is not good for your health, especially if you have it repeatedly and do not have other good health habits. It's just the easiest and more affordable route for many people. Taxing would definitely anger many people too, especially the ones who basically live off of them.
Oswaldo_Ponce said...
May 17 at 1:31 pm
Fast food has become mainly an every week thing and is changing people how they live their lives. Eating too much fast foods can change someone health for the worst and will be costly on their end since they will probably need to go to the doctor to check their health.
jxordan said...
May 17 at 11:59 am
It's going to be very hard to cut out fast food completely from our diet. I think raising the tax is a good idea but it may just hurt business and I cant imagine a world without Chickfila or McDonalds.
CharltonBibbII said...
May 17 at 10:37 am
Fast food is a way out of cooking when you have had a long day at work and you just want to rest, so you get some McDonalds or something because it is quick and easy, this benefits you time-wise but definitely not health wise
nango said...
May 17 at 10:25 am
This is an issue that is difficult to get rid of. If you take away or tax fast food people will get angry and the nation can come to an end. Some people don't take their diet to consideration which results to a huge death rate. This is an important topic to our nation and to the rest of the world.
lynnsnguyen said...
May 17 at 10:12 am
It would help if there were a higher tax on branded obesity products, but then that would most likely harm their business. It is a lot of factors that you would have to consider, and then it continues. There are a lot of branded obesity products, so they will likely go out of business, but changing what food they will sale is not easy as well.
K.Dang said...
May 17 at 10:12 am
Adding a more heavy tax on fast foods may encourage people to do healthy cooking at home, but it could also cause riots by angry citizens and greatly effect the economy. The profits that come from fast food dining contributes immensely, and taking that away could negatively harm the nation.
Sugars said...
May 17 at 10:10 am
I agree with Lan and Kimberly. Although fast foods raises the obesity rate its not the most common factor. This could be prevented by having home cooked meals, which is what Lan said, "more healthier, sanitary and cheaper."
ASLanguage said...
May 17 at 10:09 am
I agree with you that the majority cause of obesity is fast food, but too much of everything can also be a cause as well. Too much of every food that you consume everyday are added to the fat stores inside your body. Your body needs time to properly digest the food in order to eat again. If you eat during digestion, it will be hard digesting, causing your stomach to expand. Nice article!
LanTo said...
May 17 at 10:05 am
I agree with what you had just said. If people were to cook more at home, then the meals would be more healthier and will be more sanitary as well. Plus the meals at home would be cheaper as well.
Carsafety said...
May 17 at 10:01 am
I agree with what Kimberly said how one factor is the fast food restaurant but it is also all the other factors Kimberly pointed out
KimberlyNgo said...
May 17 at 9:54 am
Yes, fast food is one of the causes for high obesity rates, but it's not a direct factor. School lunches, vending machines, and restaurant dining are other reasons as well.
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