Feminism and Sexual Assault

June 18, 2016
By Della1919 BRONZE, Chongqing, Other
Della1919 BRONZE, Chongqing, Other
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sexual harassment cases have been on the rise,with kinds of comments on victors and victims.sometimes we get access to comments that women should dress properly to avoid sexual harassment.however, a large groups rejected this wrong assumptions by claiming we have no right to comment or blame women. it sounds like we couldn't allow women to self-protect because this behavior discriminates women.


that's not the truth.obviously,we must punish sentence to the perpetrators and help victims avoid further harassment.also the victims shouldn't take the blame for not being aware of an insecure situation.but we seek for foreseeing it;we try to pre-protect ourselves.and dress properly is the way to reduce risks.


everyone pursues beauty."Human's image is the most direct aesthetic object of human itself." women are the representatives of beauty.so the right treatment to beauty,to women is appreciation and respect.nevertheless,some people lack of the capacity to judge this beauty properly and fail to identify the pursuit of beauty. so they tend to destroy this beauty by doing what they want to do. they're evildoers and they need to be penalized.


but this is The Price of Beauty,and this is The Price of being women.


to pay the price,women must do something rather than experiencing trauma again and again.they must carry out self protection.A self protection can be regard as feminism.because they hold their right to preserve beauty,to protect themselves,to avoid harassment. "such anti-women views reflect the patriarchy-oriented traditional concept and gender bias,which promote male domination in society and tend to defend men even if they break the law by blaming their actions on women's clothes."said China Daily. but I must say, it's definitely an anti-women views.on the contrary,it's feminism.before the social order and supportive network improving,before a healthy gender culture cultivating steadily,women need to initiate self protection and self-defensive measures.it's not the subordination in society;it's not compromise to public morals;it's a personal commitment,with respecting and defending feminism.

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