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Nature vs. Nurture

December 18, 2015
By lovebug1 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
lovebug1 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, carrying a child for nine months has its pros and cons. You are creating a life, a person that will live on to create their own legacy. There are 255 worldwide births per minute, 4.3 births every second, which means someone’s being born as we speak. Some kids are born into loving and caring families and some not so lucky. Many placed into the system and many abandoned. What is this doing to the child?

Well here is where nature vs. nurture comes into play, nature vs. nurture is one of the oldest arguments in psychology debating whether a person’s behavior reflects from the way they were brought up, their household, living style and their DNA or is that persons behavior influenced from the environment, nature and life experiences that person is surrounded in. Is it genes, environment or individual choice? The debate continues.

You see even though happy homes may seem happy we may hear about a travesty and everyone will question the motive of the child. Well he grew up in a stable home, how could this be they may say. Was the child truly happy is the question, just because their brought up from a happy home may not necessarily indicate happiness. Even when a child gets any and everything their little heart desires this could be leading to future problems. Now leading into adult hood we might ask why is he or she so selfish and demanding? well it’s a over nurturing situation. I’m not saying it’s wrong to treat your child, it is your child I’m just saying I think there should be a happy medium where they’re not overly nor under cared for because both may cause flaws and controversy.

Attention is an important part in a child’s childhood, we love to feel important. Some circumstances may involve a single parent home where a moms or dad is responsible for all the bills in the house therefore they are forced to work all the time. Leaving not much time for them to spend with their child which is understandable, they love the child but they’re just simply making sure that child has a roof over their head and the necessities needed. Although this is life this child isn’t receiving as much time and care. Although this cycle may develop responsibility in that child faster, they may grow up to feel a bigger need for attention and companionship, therefore not wanting to be alone. They may even get accustomed to being alone that they reject all odds and won’t accept outside help because they did everything on their own as a child now they are used to the independency. This indicates as a nurturing issue.

Way across the world or even in your neighborhoods maybe even you grew in a single parent home. Many grow up without a father figure, which again pins more responsibility on the woman. For girls entering adult hood dating and relationships will arise, not having a father figure could affect a girls mindset in a relationship. Though this is not always the case many times woman who grows up fatherless enters relationships with bad mindsets. For they expect the worst from a man because their very own neglected them. With this mindset set in stone trust issues are created because she feels as if all men are the same and none are genuine. Feeling as if there are no good men out there she then shuts down rejecting and declining what could have been a good man because she never experienced one. She may even veer constantly into the wrong types of men and wonder will she ever meet the right one for her?

For boys who are raised fatherless has its pros and a con of course not having a father is never a good thing but this could result in a huge respect for women. A women being all they were raised by, their mother was all they seen as they looked up so the respect may carry over into adult hood and relationships. Increasing their mannerisms and respect towards women, this is not always the case but I’d say I make a very valid point. Then there are some boys who are fatherless and feel like they have to be the protector all the time. They rush their manhood because they’re the closest thing around to becoming a man. They feel as if they have to be tuff all the time and they have to be a main provider way before it’s time to be. This mindset may result in violence or bad behavior.

A boy on the verge of becoming a man raised only by a man is raised to be a provider a protector and good father figure. They usually have a strong mindset when it comes to what they want. The downside of this situation may be that in a relationship they may feel as if mans opinion powers all which could result in control issues, because they haven’t seen things in a women’s perspective.

Someone who was raised well at a steady medium with both mother and father in a good home but still acts out is due to their surroundings. This would be an example of nature. Someone who cares too much about what other people think they flaunt materialistic things to please those around them. These materialistic things disguise their real problems because they feel a sense of acceptance from people.

Terrorism also falls into nature vs. nurture situations because terrorist tend to recruit the less fortunate. They seek out people who lack normal qualities, such as people who may not have a family or lots of money and protection and they offer them these amenities for joining. So of course someone coming from nothing will be drawn in because they have nothing to look forward to therefore they have nothing to lose.

Not all nature vs. nurture situation makes a turn for the worst some people shock the world and turn their lives around. They come from nothing arising to so much more because their struggles made them stronger. Their struggles did not make or break them they outstretched their obstacles and reached higher heights, moving forward, never giving up and chasing their dreams.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this peice because I plan to study psychology in college, I just loving finding and learning about the spark to one's actions and emotions.

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