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What's Your Definition?

June 16, 2015
By Lake22 GOLD, San Leandro, California
Lake22 GOLD, San Leandro, California
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     What's your definition of smart? Straight A student? Common Sense? Trivia? The list could go on, but the common way we all classify 'smart' are academics. You don't have to take AP classes or have good grades to be smart. You can be a 'smart' player in sports are very 'smart' on the streets to avoid trouble. The distorted definition of smart holds back the potential in the people deemed 'not smart'. It's a label brought on by the school system that defines smart by obedience and memorization. So who is speaking on the behalf of the 'not smart'? The 'not smart'? A label is only a label  put on by society, it doesn't define you as a person. The next time someone is teased for being dumb, speak up. We are the future, we are the next generation and we should be the change of the injustice. Ask a rebutter what's their definition? Because that's outdated in this century.

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Inspired by my friends poem by the same name. 

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