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Just Believe

April 19, 2009
By Smiles BRONZE, Columbia Cross Roads, Pennsylvania
Smiles BRONZE, Columbia Cross Roads, Pennsylvania
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I understand a lot of people dont like, or are'nt comfertable talking about religion. Well, i believe that every person is entitled to say what they believe in.

I am a Christian. I believe there is a God. That there is a heaven and there is a hell. I belive in angels and demons. And i believe if you live your life they way God entitled us to, your going to heaven.

I do have friends that dont believe at all. Thats okay, I still talk about my beliefs and try to help them understand. I dont push religion onto people. Thats just going to push them away. But if yo just go on n life and dont try, whats the use?

I also believe that in a relatonship, its easier with Christ. He is there to guide you through the bad, and swift you through the good. Now, im not saying without him every relationship will fail. No, some do great. Im just saying its easier.

I understand that people think science. How is it possible to create the world in a week? How is it possible to creat man out of mud, and women out of a bone? Havent you heard of faith? If you could just put away the science, and just try to believe that we are loved by god, maybe we could live happier.

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