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Loews Hotel Resorts Bad Ad

December 18, 2013
By alyssa.wiese PLATINUM, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
alyssa.wiese PLATINUM, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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This advertisement for Loews Hotel Resorts was found in WIRED Magazine is July 2013 edition. The ad shows three women in their twenties wearing bright colors in a warm, comfortable appearing area. All three women are of ethnic and are good-looking wearing clothing and jewelry that looks to be expensive. The ad reads “HOURS TO GET READ. SECONDS TO BE NOTICED.” The top right corner provides the phone number and website and the bottom of the ad tells all of the locations for the hotels. Above the locations the ad states, “THE ROOM YOU NEED. LOEWS HOTEL RESORTS.” This ad shows that if you stay at one of Loews Hotels, you will appear like one of the young women in the ad. This is false advertisement because staying at their hotel does not mean customers will have the enjoyment the women are having.

This ad targets women who may be travelling or going on vacation who would like to be noticed while staying at the hotel. The ad is trying to sell the fact that only young, beautiful women stay at Loews hotels, and that if you stay at one, you will have a good time. This ad uses Simple Solution to persuade those who view the ad that staying at this hotel will take away any stress or problems in a person’s life.

The ad also uses Plain Folks as another persuasion technique. The women shown are not famous, but are all beautiful. Having only women appear makes the reader assume that the hotel is aimed towards allowing young, attractive people have a good time.

When looking at the ad, it does not clearly state exactly what it is selling to the reader. When first looking at it, you would think the statement “HOURS TO GET READY. SECONDS TO BE NOTICED” would be promoting a beauty or clothing product that will bring attention to the consumer. But once looking at the very small font in the bottom corner, you see that it is really for a hotel resort. This misleads the reader and can be confusing, since the image on the ad has no correlation with staying at a hotel.

The ad states, “HOURS TO GET READY. SECONDS TO BE NOTICED…THE ROOM YOU NEED” but the image on the ad shows nothing about a hotel room or the women getting ready in one. This ad works by attracting men and women by showing that young people thrive at the hotel, and that if you stay at one of their locations, you will have as good of a time as the women in the ad.

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