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Want to be cool? Sexting isn't

August 1, 2013
By Lake22 GOLD, San Leandro, California
Lake22 GOLD, San Leandro, California
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Ever heard of the term, sexting? I know most of you have. That word is in the news, in the internet, in life! For those of you that do not know what that is, sexting is the action of sending "sexually explicit" texts to your boyfriend, web viewers, etc. Is it wrong? Yes, but are the reasons wrong? What are the consequences? What can we do about it? That's for you to answer when you finish reading this article. In my opinion(I respect all opinions) the three main reasons for sexting are: Feeling wanted, Being pressure, and Making your own choice.

1.Feeling wanted
Everyone wants to feel wanted, feel like you belong, feel like people desire to have you around. Now sometimes it's good because you're basically admitting you need love, but in this case needing love goes to an extreme. The person who sends out their need, sends out not only their love, but their trust.

2.Being pressured
You remember those times when you were pressured into changing your attitude, trying drugs, trying alcohol, etc? This is pretty much one of the subjects that fall in that category. Say you were some boy or girl that wasn't very popular or cool, more of an average person and you were asked out by the hottest boy or girl in the school. You would feel singled out and agree. The ones pressured would feel the need to actually do the following if they were that desperate. Of course looking back it was not a good idea, but the pressure of all of that makes things worse, what more can be done?

3.Making your own choice
Since most of us are teens and almost adults, we start to form/make our own decisions. That being clothes, hair, grades, food, etc. Some of us even recall stupid things we've done in the past or the good things because we chose to. In the matters of sexting, maybe people who do just choose to. They choose to send out their pictures and whatever and they choose to go with the consequences.

Now that you've heard the reasons, its time to hear the drawbacks and possible solutions to these actions. Lets start from you sending the sext. You trust that that person won't send it out right? That person will not humiliate you by showing the whole world, but what if he/she did? Where do you go from there, you are the one that sent it. It's you who is being checked out or criticized. You would feel as if everyone knew and not want to come out in public anymore and possibly suicide. In other cases different from this, and when I mean different, I mean the act of the sext was not consensual as rape is when you say no, the situations are almost parallel except one thing. Theses victims ask/get help, but sometimes it's not enough. What can we do? How can this be stopped? Those are surface level questions that only reach the surface level of the situation. The reality is not everything can be completely stopped, but they can be stopped little by little at a slow and steady rate. For this situation, we are already feeling numb about it since we are exposed to it almost everyday. The faces we see affected don't mean more than a nameless face, but that doesn't make what happened a problem. Not listening is the problem. No justice is the problem. We just let them be like it doesn't matter? It matters, because that life could have easily been you. What if it was you? What would you do? That's why we need to bring awareness and spread the word that sexting is wrong and should be thought twice about. I'll leave you thinking with these words,Want to be cool? Sexting isn't.

The author's comments:
I never thought of this situation as a big deal until I finally opened my eyes. This has been taken too far that lives have been taken. I hope people will open their eyes too after reading this article and spread the word.

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