I Believe in Outrage

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If I were to choose one philosophy to live by it would be, “be outraged.” It would be to get mad, and to get upset. Do not get upset only about injustices in your own life but injustices in someone else’s life too. This is my prime philosophy for four reasons.

Reason 1: Outrage is the only way to initiate change in society. Everyday millions of injustices are occurring to millions of people. With all of these things going on, society is doing very little to fix it in the scheme of things. Looking back in history it becomes apparent that the only time things in society changed drastically was when people stopped deciding to be apathetic about things that did not effect them and decided to become outraged that members of their own community and the global community were being mistreated.

Reason 2: Outrage is a practice of empathy. Lets be real: We all tend to get absorbed in our own problems and injustices and turn a blind eye to problems going on right in front of us. We choose to ignore problems justifying it by saying “it’s not my problem” or “oh that’s unfair” instead of trying to create a more equal society where these unfairness’s are less likely to occur. By becoming outraged about issues that do not affect you, you ultimately become more empathetic to problems within your community and more aware of these problems.

Reason 3: Outrage on others behalf is a practice of pride and honor. It shows that you not only recognize these injustices but that you actively work to try to change them. Showing you care about all members of society. It also reminds you that change can happen, so that no one is going to do something if everyone assumes “someone else” will do it instead. Speaking out is something to be proud of.

Reason 4: Even if your outrage alone does not initiate change, it can force others to analyze the problems that concern them and consider whether or not it’s worth them to speak up about it.

Remember, be upset, be mad and be outraged. Always choose action over apathy.

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