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The Gay, Lesbian, Bi Debate

August 8, 2010
By LightMeUpTheStars BRONZE, Middletwown, Pennsylvania
LightMeUpTheStars BRONZE, Middletwown, Pennsylvania
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Ok, well we've all seen, heard & maybe written this debate thousands of times...
It always starts out as; "I believe..."
Anyone else feel like that's really tired?
I get that we all have opinions, I have mine, I'm not gonna state them because I don't feel like starting a debate on here.
I honestly do not understand to why everybody feels the need to post something bashing the other idea. I get Christianity's view on it, because I am a Christian.
Many times have I heard using the term "That's so gay!"; why is that alright but saying something about someone being gay isn't? I honestly believe we should people be who they want to be, i see it as almost take 2 people, one who's allergic to something. Person 1 is the person allergic & person 2 isn't. Now person 1 can't live with whatever they are allergic too but person 2 can. If they were living together than person 2 must give up that for person 1. Now change that to homosexuality. Person 1 is the homosexual, person 2 is the heterosexual. Now person 2 doesn't have to live with homosexuality in their life but they can. Person 1 being the homosexual , so in essence they do, or have to live with it. Even though person 2 doesn't have to live with it they can, and it won't hurt them. Yes, I know it's not the perfect example but it represents it.Now if we could only take it to real life. People are saying gay marriage is unconstitutional, yeah so is a lot of things this nation is doing. We say in God we trust yet in most schools you can't openly say something along the topic of God in the effect of preaching. Where's trusting in God in that way? If we say gay's can't marry why aren't we saying you have to be christian or would that be unconstitutional? So we take one person's right to marriage but we give them religion? Huh, don't you just love how constitutional we are here in America?
I know there's at least one person who will get angered at this, I'm guessing a homophobic or a devout Christian. I'm not sure how I would have began to anger them, but somebody will find a way. I'll probably be slammed with biblical reasons & verses, most I know or have heard before, or with "factual reasoning" to why being homosexual is wrong or dangerous.
All in all I don't see how allowing homosexuals to marry, or even be in the armed forces, will effect heterosexuals live. The armed forces debate is completely different. You could say that a homosexual male would try to do something to or with another male soldier but as would a heterosexual soldier try to do with one of the opposite gender. I'm not going to get into that topic right now though.
I honestly believe that if we were to take a group of complete strangers, homosexuals & heterosexuals, none know each other & not have them say whether they are heterosexual or not. I believe that if the facts about them were not stated than people would not feel awkward as some do when they are with someone who doesn't think the way they do.

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All the pieces & everything about just got under my skin!

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