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January 6, 2010
By nature-elf PLATINUM, Ramsey, New Jersey
nature-elf PLATINUM, Ramsey, New Jersey
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Do you ever think about it? Maybe if not now, later. And some point in your life you just want everything to just disappear, let the black seep into your mind. So what makes it so gut-wrenching that you would end everything before you truly began your life?

Somehow, something, in us, that feeling creates a blockage, a sudden pounding against a brick wall and you can’t do anything to know what would happen if you were suddenly erased from the earth. Perhaps a small second where you believe that maybe life isn’t worth the pain.

But that’s just it. The pain that blocks everything from your mind, the gasps you draw when you think that nothing will ever be the same, is just a part of life. There are other things, though, not just the dark part of this world—like friends and family. Or, if you don’t think you have any, there is the tiny gift of the world around you and the feeling you get when you realize you’re the only one experiencing this.

Despite that you could be the most beautiful person in town or the exotic dancer from abroad, you may feel that life is simply not worth going on without the things you cared about.

Let’s stop for a minute. Think. What is the one sole thing or idea that would be desperately heart tearing to lose? And if you lose it, how would you feel?

You would feel like you wanted to die.

That isn’t the case. Sometimes you feel that way, perhaps interpret it wrong, maybe followed the wrong string. But something that is important to you will truly never leave you. Maybe it’s the perfect boyfriend or the friend you had since first grade that left you damp and cold in the pouring rain.

The things you treasure most aren’t them. The reality is—the memories you hold of them, the things they gave you. Most people aren’t ready for the shock. At times when you least expect it, the lost comes around. But be ready.

Dying is something not at all painful. It isn’t something that you can run to when everything seems lost, because, someone or something is looking out for you. You heard the saying, “You can run, but you can’t hide.”

That’s true. If something you have lost is gone, why, then, do most people destroy the things that remind them of the lost memory? It’s because they have no answer, no warning, no cement to patch up the brick wall of their minds. And sometimes, it leads to death. You know the feeling.

So remember this: Keep searching for the thing you truly care about. Because that one thing, that one memory, will never leave you.

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