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A little of my own Analysis

June 13, 2009
By Arbys GOLD, Dobbs Ferry, New York
Arbys GOLD, Dobbs Ferry, New York
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Sometimes we think the worst of things, and within these moments the true aspects of life come out. We go through all the mayhem and chaos thinking we have lost it all, but in reality all is not lost. It’s just a circle of steps that we take in life to get to where we all are today. Many people think that they are alone but they’re not and that is the saddest thing alive. To wake up one day and sit there thinking to oneself that all faith has gone; and no longer do we have anything to live for. In the worst of times comes the insight. I think that is where I have found myself today. In the sense that all is alive in my life and these moments that I lived have been none other than the happiest. Right now in today’s world there is so much turmoil, cruelty in human nature, and the vulgarity of the news’ broadcast; that I believe people forget to appreciate the more important things in life. To stop the nonsense, and the differentiation between who is better and who is not. No person is better than another, we are all equals. And instead of embracing this equality, we diminish the possibility of it existing.

What is the point of this written works of mine? To establish and discuss the fact that people today treat each other as animals and it needs to stop! When another sees the differences between themselves and the other person that’s where the blasphemy begins. The ideal goal of a person with low self esteem and self confidence is to take another’s pride and slowly take it away. Earlier this month I attended a Vigil in my town, which was put together by a very inspirational individual. This vigil was held for none other than for the memory of Lawrence King who was killed because he was gay. Now many deaths occur in every day moments, but that isn’t the point. The point is that some of the crimes that take place are targeting those who are different. Such as hate crimes, in all actuality everyone is different from one another. Whether we like it or not, even if we’d hate to admit it; we all have our little quirks and characteristics that define who we are. If it is taken away, all that is left is a plain old empty box.

Somehow or another I thought maybe writing this would help others, or give them the courage to make amends with themselves. Embrace your differences, because you only have one life to live. Make your life your own, and own it. Never let anyone else tell you otherwise.

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