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How Can We Change The World

March 31, 2021
By Anonymous

In this world there are some serious issues. Teenagers are being targeted verbally, physically, and sexually and this is becoming more common and is getting much worse. Health direct is an online website that has stated that over 350 young people aged 15-24 take their own lives a year and there are over 200 teen suicide attempts in a year. It is becoming more common for teenagers to suffer from depression and anxiety due to what us teenagers are put through I can say personally I have suffered both. Many teenagers cannot go out into the public feeling safe or secure because of how society is to this day. We are being sexually targeted in public, we are being bullied and accused because of our skin colour or the way we look, and I am not saying that it does not happen to other age groups, because it does but it is happening to teenagers the most and we are being targeted more severely. You get home and put a smile on your face to see your family but once you reach your room and the door is closed you can’t stop yourself from breaking down into tears wondering why your even in this world. So how can we change this?

Us teenagers can start today, we can all take a stand for our worth and share our stories. We can begin to unite and spread awareness of the issues us teenagers are having in this society. If us teenagers stick together and begin to act, we will rise to the top and gain our worth back.

Greta Thunberg was a teenager that had changed the world by speaking her beliefs on climate change and how we can prevent it from continuing at a fast pace. She publicly spoke which created awareness to the problem, because she took action this led to her story being shared throughout the world. If us teenagers were filled with a passion and spoke from our hearts like Greta Thunberg, our story could be spread throughout the world and create more awareness of teenage targeting and how us teenagers are treated in society today.

So fellow teenagers lets stand up for what is right and take action with a passion and speak the truth, so our story will be heard.

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Be Who You Are, Not Who The World Wants You To Be

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