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Nothing Else Matters

April 30, 2009
By Nicole Williams BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Nicole Williams BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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Strength, commonly used as, “ the property of being physically strong,” but in some cases strength can have a much deeper meaning to it than just that. To have strength and to have inner strength are completely opposite ideas coming form the same word. When someone is strong, it usually comes to mind that they are physically strong and perhaps have plenty of muscles. However another type of strength could be defined as being mentally strong as a person. People that don’t have the quality of being strong on the inside could often feel helpless and vulnerable to life’s circumstances at times. Also, when a person has strength, as in personal and mental, it can effect their life in a successful and improving way. When you gain some inner strength it leads you to focus on better ways of looking at life and how you live yours specifically. It causes you to believe in yourself to accomplish all the hard tasks you may come across. Not only that, but inner strength breaks down to several other qualities as well. Strength comes with having faith, and independence, and confidence too. You find your authentic one true self and build self-esteem to take any and every challenge possible. To conclude, strength is way more than just how much a person can lift, it is more about you.

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