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April 23, 2009
By Christopher Moore BRONZE, Everett, Washington
Christopher Moore BRONZE, Everett, Washington
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So I get on MySpace and have an intriguing conversation with my friend. I ask her how she is doing and she says she is doing bad, and I say why? She says that there’s a bunch of rumors going around about her about stuff she never even did. The good thing is she only got sad. A couple days later she was over it and happy as could be. But little or big rumors even if they are a joke they can really affect people. For example, some people commit suicide, do drugs or go completely physco! I think rumors are just plain stupid! Whether there are meant as a joke or to seriously hurt someone they need to stop!

How would you feel if you were put in a troubled kid shoes? Whether it is emotional, mental whatever a good portion of society would probably not like it. What let up to the columbine school shooting? Two kids who might not have had the best support at home or weren’t in the “popular” group, or bullied at school or made fun of by the people in their community. But look what happened 13 innocent victims got their lives cut short by this random act of violence. This act could have been resolved by possibly even one or two people being good friends with them or people just leaving them alone and not making fun of them. It gets annoying after a while when people spread rumors about people that aren’t even true. Like one or two times ehh, ok but like once it starts to become a daily routine it is a pitiful habit. Also don’t automatically think what someone says is true, like if George says Josh did drugs with Billy and Fredrick don’t assume that he is a bad person go see it for yourself. A last thing it might seem like a dumb rule or something that is just stupid to you but treat people the way you want to be treated. A resolution to this problem is experience it for yourself. See how you’d like it!

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MadelynE. GOLD said...
on Jul. 2 2009 at 6:25 pm
MadelynE. GOLD, Arlington, Texas
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Check your punctuation. You have a lot of good points, but the run-on sentences can be distracting. You should see the movie Odd Girl Out. It shows exactly what you're talking about though it is intense. You should check it out. Good luck with your writing!!!!!