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The Nasty Pool

April 20, 2009
By Daylin Russo BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Daylin Russo BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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Have you been to Washington, D.C before? If not, you better go soon, before they close it down for contamination! If you have, you probably agree with me that the Reflection Pool is filthy! It desperately needs to be cleaned! It is filled with fungus and moss. There are probably a few hundred diseases in it. The worst part is, there is NO FILTRATION SYSTEM! Disgusting!
So why doesn’t out government do anything? It can’t possibly be a money issue. We have been spending plenty of money in foreign regions like Iraq. The problem is we are more concerned about other countries than ourselves? We don’t care about the pool that hundreds of tourists come to see every day? We don’t care that people from other counties come and think our country is dirty enough to let one of our pieces in history get this filthy? Or is it that we could care less about the disease it spreads? Yes, you read right. Disease!
If you don’t think that something that outrageously dirty can spread diseases, you’re out of your mind! Along with moss, dirt, and other things floating in the pool, birds swim and feed in it. When they die, some other animal might eat it. Then that animal could bite a person, infecting it with the illness that the dead ducks had. Unlikely? Maybe. But possible? Definitely!
Another more likely scenario involves mosquitoes. When they bathe or just sit in the water, they can pick up diseases. When they bite you, and I’m sure you all were bitten by one before, they give you a little something extra. A little more than just an itch. Ever heard of West Nile? Yes, West Nile; the disease. That’s the little present you get from that generous mosquito. That’s what you get because our country didn’t want to spend a little money to filter the Reflection Pool. Aren’t you so happy?!
How do we fix it? Why did it get this way? The reason the water is filthy is because it never moves. It allows the diseases to develop. So what we need to do is make it move by filtering the water. It would be just like filtering a regular pool. If the water is always moving and being filtered, diseases wouldn’t just sit and grow in it. That is the easiest way to go.
Maybe, one day, we’ll live in a world where our government cares. Maybe they’ll start to realize that the pool contains a bunch of disease. Maybe they’ll care about the city of Washington, D.C. they city where the President of the United States lives! If not, who knows what kind of epidemic could take over.

The author's comments:
When I visited Washington, D.C, I found the Reflection Pool disgusting! I hope we can do something to clean it.

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