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The Downfall of the G.O.A.T.

November 17, 2015
By Daniel@gmail BRONZE, Sacramento, CA 95823, California
Daniel@gmail BRONZE, Sacramento, CA 95823, California
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 Behavior is how someone acts in both public and private areas and is how people will remember you as a first impression. At Burbank we study topics that make us reflect on what we just read or wrote about. Many other schools don’t do that they just do work right out of the text book and have no connection to the students so they can’t better themselves by learning from other peoples mistakes. However Tupac is a horrible example and should not be considered as a topic, or unit, to be taught in school. He shot two police officers & was also accused of raping a woman. He had no control over his behavior, he had no respect for the police, and he glorified guns, drugs, and thug life as well. Even how he spoke is not something that should be taught or studied in high school. Tupac should not be studied in high school because he is a horrible example to learn from.


Tupac was accused of shooting two police officers because he saw them arrest one of his friends in the past. Not only that but Tupac was also accused of rap, or sexual assault, but he was never sentenced because he was very wealthy and another reason could be the crooked cops working for death row records, which was were Tupac was recording his music at the time. Tupac clearly shows a lack of self-control and has no regrets about raping or killing two police officers. I don’t think this is something parents want their kids learning in school.

He did not even show any kind of example with the way he acted on camera or how his friends described him. He didn’t respect the police and he was actually provoking them when some police officers came to his door asking him to turn down his music, but he thought it was better to turn up the volume and play “F___ the police” and say “ Is this good enough officer.” Later on he was beaten by the cops and arrested, probably because of his actions towards the police. He also had tattoos all over his body glorifying guns, drugs, and thug life. Not a very good example at all. Even the way he dressed showed his character, sagging, wearing gang colors, bandanas it looked awful. Personally I don’t think people cared if he died or not.

He did have a way of expressing himself. He loved to say the “N” word & used profanity very often to express his feelings on an issue or any random sentence. When he cursed he didn’t seem to care who he was around or who would hear it, and his attitude when he said what ever it was he said made me think “ he’s just like all the other rich people who can get away with whatever they want because they have money.”

Tupac was all about wanting to change the world and had a great philosophy when he was younger but when he was famous he sold thousands of CD’s that had the exact opposite message. He made a fortune selling music that was very degrading to women and the black community as well. He used the “B” word to describe women in his music. He, along with all the other rappers of his time, represented hip-hop and by doing so they made the entire image of hip-hop look misogynistic.

Tupac is not someone that students should learn from because tupac lived his life being a thug and that got him killed . Students should not look at Tupac and see an example but as a reminder of how living as a thug has many more negative aspects than positive ones, and being smart is much more important than caring about your image.

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