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Something New

June 5, 2014
By axulm BRONZE, Sacramento, California
axulm BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Learning should be fun. Incorporating up and fun moving activities will have more kids entertained and willing to learn easier. In Fires in the bathroom, Porsche states “.. We want to be more involved. My best teachers have us up and doing experiment, working in groups, playing games.” In other words Porsche and many other students as well believe more movement should be allowed. If these activities such as: group work, and games were to be in classes; the classes would be more fun and students will feel at ease and willing to work. More movement means more students will be up and interacting without worrying about what time class is over and all of the rush to leave class so soon. Movement is a metal challenge in my opinion. We students love the rush of a challenge. Sitting all day and just listening makes us tired; bored we need to change it up.

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