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Yay! ...More Homework

October 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Homework: one of the most dreaded tasks of a high school student. It is long, arduous, highly time-consuming and painful, especially essays. Swamped with homework, students work into the late hours of night and into the early hours of the morning before school. Sometimes this is a result of procrastination, but mainly it is because our work load is too heavy.
Many students say that homework is not necessary, that it is just a waste of their time. For this reason many of us tend to do our homework in class, copy it off of our friends or not do it at all, which in reality is hurting ourselves. Even those of us who do it sometimes complete homework sloppily at the last minute, which would show the teacher that the student is not putting and effort into the class which would be hurting our grade.
If there were not any home assigned or even less homework assigned, we would not be harming our grades by not doing the homework or doing it badly. We would have more free time to pursue other healthy activities, spend time with friends, or just have that free time away from school-related things. With the free time that we get from not having any homework, we are able to relax and recuperate for another day of school. After all, students are cooped up in a building for eight hours and sometimes even more if we need to make up classes or choose to take extra classes.
Although we feel that homework is unnecessary, it is a vital tool in education. Homework reinforces what was taught that day and it helps us digest what was learned. But in the end homework should not be given in excess or given at all. It would be mutually beneficial for both the student and teacher. Think about it; the more homework a teacher gives us students, the more work you teachers are giving yourselves.

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